Client Engagement: The New Requirements


accounting-processWhile everyone is talking about the employee and employer issues with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the enterprise, there are groups that have been hugely impacted by the pervasiveness of smartphones and tablets as the primary device for communication and work.

These groups include account managers, advisors, relationship managers and all those who are responsible for client lifecycle management.

These stakeholders have been affected not only by the proliferation of devices, but equally so by their clients always-connected and increasingly mobile way of life.

As a result, three key requirements are becoming increasingly pressing:

1.    Clients Want Their Portfolio Information Now.

Monthly, and even quarterly reporting has been the norm for about as long as investment portfolios have existed.

Once upon time it was sufficient to run reports once a month. IT would run the reports and send the data and related graphs to someone on the relationship manager’s team.

The reports were then packaged into PDFs, complete with logo and other branding elements, and finally emailed to the client.

This is now far from sufficient for clients, and discerning relationship managers who want to maximize client engagement, providing clients with near real-time access to their portfolio data is a requirement.

2.    Clients Demand The Big Picture

Today, it’s easy to have your trip at your fingertips: your flights, hotel, car rentals and so on. Applications such as TripIt collect the right information from a number of different services to present you with a beautiful, updated big picture of your trip.

Your clients likely expect a similarly comprehensive big picture.

The reality is that client information is not in a single system in your back-office, and chances are you don’t have pre-built APIs to access them.

There’s the assets and investments. There’s the personal preferences. There’s the email conversations, support tickets and CRM history.

Pulling all of that data together takes time and resources most IT teams simply don’t have.

The promise of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) of writing once and deploying everywhere hasn’t quite materialized as hoped, and certainly not within the established budget boundaries.

3.    Clients Want It On Their Device

Clients have an affinity for their own choice of smartphone or tablet, be it an Apple product, a device that runs Android, or a Windows gadget.

Relationship managers are constrained to sending reports and other client materials in the ubiquitous PDF, as there simply aren’t that many other formats that marry ability to present information in a visual manner with being device agnostic.

But, as we’ve already seen, PDFs are static, and out of the date literally the minute they have been compiled.

A 360-degree Client Engagement Solution

To solve the three key issues in client engagement (completeness of information, timeliness of information, and device compatibility), a relationship manager who truly wants to clearly differentiate their offerings would want a mobile app that:

  • Integrates with all the relevant back-office systems in a secure manner.
  • Runs on all the major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Is fully branded to keep his organization top of mind through the client lifecycle.
  • Is customizable in terms of user interface and user experience, as different products have varying interaction requirements.

The only problem with creating this type of 360-degree solution is the investment required to build an integration platform and potentially multiple mobile applications to run on each of the device types.

Enter Investrack, the customizable, white-label solution

Originally built as a way to empower the mobile relationship manager, Investrack has evolved into a veritable Swiss Army Knife for advisors, relationship managers, portfolio managers, but most of all, for the over worked and over stretched IT professionals who support them.

Investrack’s value proposition includes an integration engine and a fully customizable, platform-independent mobile app that runs on iOS, Android, Windows and more.

As it is a white label product, relationship managers and marketing teams can choose how to best brand the mobile application, while the IT resources can concentrate on the user end of the value chain – workflow and the user experience.

Experience Your Own Swiss Army Knife

Investrack integrates out-of-the-box with your OMS / CRM and most known back office systems, as its global clients across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa have experienced.

As an Advent user, you can take advantage of the pre-built connectors for your Geneva, APX, Moxy, and Tradex systems.

Schedule a short demo so you can have a taste of what it might look like in the hands of your discerning client.

Having your own branded mobile app that delivers relevant, timely portfolio information to your client means you stay top of mind, and stay ahead in the client engagement game.