Our Commitments


Globacom’s team comprises experienced consultants who share similar values. We have reflected our values in the approach that we take to engagements from the initial proposal stage to the delivery of the engagement. At heart we are customer oriented and we are interested in long-term relationships rather than transactions. We believe in transparency and you will find that we are quick to highlight issues for resolution. We are adventurous but we also believe in following processes and standards to achieve reliable results.


We aim to maximise value delivered

Globacom focuses on delivering value outcomes. This means that we seek to ensure that the expected value of a project is identified before project commencement. We will only engage when we can know that we have the skills and resources required to realise the expected value.

We follow the process

We believe that consistent outcomes can only be achieved by following relevant processes. We aim to ensure that such processes are consistent with the scale and complexity of the engagement.

We take responsibility

We actively take responsibility for projects and engagements that we are involved with. We will implement and maintain an effective governance structure in collaboration with your team and will directly address any matters that might compromise the success of your project.

We keep you informed

We are strong believers in communication. We will report to your team on an agreed and regular basis. Should any matters arise that require special attention then we will inform you straightaway and will work with you to resolve those matters in an expedient manner.