Emirates NBD – Client Story



Emirates NBD decided to roll out a single user interface to their clients irrespective of the products they have. The range of products include  current (checking), savings and deposit accounts, credit cards, insurance, loans and investment management products.

Their mobile strategy is to provide a single unified user interface for their   clients irrespective of the products they use. The biggest challenge faced them in following the strategy was that client  information and transactional data were in different back office systems. They were looking for a product to extract  information from Advent products.

Product Overview

After gathering the objectives and requirements of Emirates NBD, Globacom offered their Reachout+ Integrator, a part of Globacom’s Investrack Suite, as a viable solution for addressing their requirements.

ReachOut+ Integrator is a system that  integrates all of the clients’ desired systems and applications in a highly secured manner. The system is connected to the back office applications of an organization and offers real time information at all times. With this integrated system, the client can access all his/her products and accounts by logging in just once, be it current/checking, savings account, investment account or credit card.

As so much crucial information passes from the back-end to the front-end systems, security becomes a critically important concern. Globacom’s ReachOut+ Integrator has passed several third-party testing procedures to rule out any kind of intrusion and vulnerabilities, thus making it a highly secure system and practical for all regulated financial organizations.


Once Emirates NBD approved Globacom’s ReachOut+ Integrator as the appropriate  solution for their existing issue, the next step was the implementation process. The system was customized by Emirates NBD, and their back office  were integrated into the system. The system implementation, including a stringent UAT, was completed within 21 days — a process that usually takes many more weeks with most other companies.

“Adopting Globacom’s agile methodology during the implementation phase and their technical and domain expertise ensured that the project is completed successfully within 3 weeks!”
– Fadi Minkara, Project Manager, Channel of Emirates NBD



The ease of accessing all their accounts from one single point has definitely been a hit with the clients of Emirates NBD,  reflecting on the positive aspects of ReachOut+ Integrator.

Apart from providing Single-Sign On (SSO) access and real-time information 24×7, ReachOut+ Integrator is highly scalable. It has also helped to enhance Emirates NBD’s digital transformation initiatives. With the help of Globacom’s ReachOut+ Integrator, Emirates NBD has been able to ensure a smart customer engagement platform, a necessity for the satisfaction of the new generation of investors and customers.

“Apart from using Reachout+ Integrator for our client engagement solution, we have decided to standardize on it as our mobile banking platform of choice for integrating other channels with our portfolio and wealth management solutions at Emirates NBD”
– Rakesh Bhatia, Retail, Operations & Investments (ROI) Domain – Group IT at Emirates NBD