IBS – Client Story




In 2013, IBS Capital Management (IBS) had implemented a client portal with limited functionality. It allowed the client to check their positions, performance, etc. but integration with back-end systems was not seamless. Clients and Advisors could not do much else with this tool. In short, it acted solely as a reporting tool with no other functionalities. IBS and their clients both needed a change. Their criteria called for a team of experts that could implement products that were truly flexible and reliable, with two-way, real-time connectivity with APX®. IBS therefore selected Globacom.

Solution Overview

Following an in-depth assessment and user requirements gathering, the Investrack Client Portal and Investrack Advisor were implemented. The agile development of the products allowed rapid implementation and customization. IBS now has a highly secured, user friendly, and real-time portal. Clients and relationship managers have access to their client portfolios from anywhere and on any device. Part of the reason for the success of the project according to the client has been the knowledge, professionalism, and dedication of the Globacom team. Our implementation team of experts, completed the project successfully within the agreed timelines.

Most of all, what differentiated Globacom’s Investrack Suite from its competitors was the two way, real-time direct connectivity with APX®, Geneva®, Tradex®, and Moxy®. Reachout+ Middleware, the heart of the Investrack Suite, integrates with any back-end system. It allows for some unique features that IBS enjoys such as not requiring an intermediary database. It pulls data directly from the core system in a highly secure way, and so does not conduct any recalculating of portfolio information. This removes the risk of miscalculations and inaccuracies.



In a follow-up check-in with IBS project leaders, they noted that their customers have reported high satisfaction with the new client portal including the look and feel of the tool. Due to the seamlessness of the implementation, clients experienced a very smooth migration process—a testament to the knowledge and skill of both teams.

Their clients welcomed the feature of two-factor authentication for the peace of mind it brings when protecting your online data security.

Phase 2 of the project includes rolling out of Investrack RiskPro Profiler. This will automate the client onboarding process. This covers risk assessment and classification, investment model selection, and investment proposal generation and rebalancing.

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